Acronyms for Dentist Earners: BAD (Broke Ass Dentist) RAD (Rich Ass Dentist)

Believe it or not this is what determines whether kids make the decision to choose dentistry over another profession. It’s called expected ROI on your time and education, which isn’t cheap. Unfortunately some highly competent clinicians are operating just like the acronym for JOB (Just Over Broke). By and large most people with jobs regardless…
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Should you ask vendors to call you Doctor vs first name?

I have a very definite YES and very strong feeling about this topic. Being an African America dentist I should have given it more thought before I graduated but hadn’t till my Jamaican classmate mentioned soon after graduation that he had corrected someone, a vendor or whomever he was doing business with regarding a preference…
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Marketing is EVERYTHING we do…Engineer the Experience

Most people think of marketing as a department where they work and the actions taken by that department. But marketing is a Mindset that should drive ALL our actions. Where we locate our business, who we intend to serve, how we want to serve them, how fast, how do we want to appear, what time…
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Fear of Losing can keep you from Winning!

It’s that basic fear that we all have when it comes to the “unknown”. And the unknown can be anything but because we don’t have experience to reflect back on we cannot know what to expect. It can be something very valuable for our growth and development as a business entrepreneur but we cannot make…
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An Overview of a Company’s Organizational Structure – Entrepreneur Dentist

In this episode we cover a company’s organizational structure, including the Three M’s – Money, Marketing & Management and the 7 P’s. Make sure you subscribe. I’ll be sharing more and more in these topics in new videos coming soon. Watch the video below.

Triple Net Income with your Dental Practice – THE ENTREPRENEUR DENTIST – Advice for Dentists

Making Triple Net Income with your Dental Practice – THE ENTREPRENEUR DENTIST – Advice for Dentists

Jim Emslie & Clark Caflisch Interview with Entrepreneur Dentist Dr. Jerry Lanier

In this video I interview Jim Emslie & Clark Caflisch – a couple of top notch financial professionals. We discuss the ins and outs of selling dental practices, the process it takes and some of the preparation necessary to find suitable investors. A must watch for anyone with big business goals.

Dr. Jerry Lanier Speaks to UCLA Dental Students at the Children’s Dental Center of LA

In this episode, Dr. Lanier, the Entrepreneur Dentist, speaks to UCLA Dental Students at the Children’s Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles. To learn more about TCDC and/or to donate, visit their website

Entrepreneur Mondays Ep.1 – Entrepreneur Dentist

Skate to where the puck is… Don’t sit and wait. Don’t go where the money is; go to where the money WILL BE. Have a vision. Plan ahead. Here’s my take…

Entrepreneur Dentist Dental Business Advice

Have you ever wanted to take your dental practices to another level? This is something I’ve been able to do. I can tell you all about it.