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An Overview of a Company’s Organizational Structure – Entrepreneur Dentist

In this episode we cover a company’s organizational structure, including the Three M’s – Money, Marketing & Management and the 7 P’s. Make sure you subscribe. I’ll be sharing more and more in these topics in new videos coming soon. Watch the video below.

Jim Emslie & Clark Caflisch Interview with Entrepreneur Dentist Dr. Jerry Lanier

In this video I interview Jim Emslie & Clark Caflisch – a couple of top notch financial professionals. We discuss the ins and outs of selling dental practices, the process it takes and some of the preparation necessary to find suitable investors. A must watch for anyone with big business goals.

Entrepreneur Mondays Ep.1 – Entrepreneur Dentist

Skate to where the puck is… Don’t sit and wait. Don’t go where the money is; go to where the money WILL BE. Have a vision. Plan ahead. Here’s my take…

Entrepreneur Dentist Dental Business Advice

Have you ever wanted to take your dental practices to another level? This is something I’ve been able to do. I can tell you all about it.

Aphorisms in Business – The Entrepreneur Dentist Podcast

In this episode of The Entrepreneur Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jerry Lanier talks about using aphorisms in life and applying them to your business. Let us know a topic you guys want Dr. Lanier to talk about next. Make sure you subscribe to the Entrepreneur Dentist Podcast to stay up to date with the lastest episodes.