Acronyms for Dentist Earners: BAD (Broke Ass Dentist) RAD (Rich Ass Dentist)

Believe it or not this is what determines whether kids make the decision to choose dentistry over another profession. It’s called expected ROI on your time and education, which isn’t cheap.

Unfortunately some highly competent clinicians are operating just like the acronym for JOB (Just Over Broke). By and large most people with jobs regardless of income will manage to live up to their income level and their money and month tends to run out at same time.

For me to really recruit kids from minority communities I have to compete with ballers, entertainment and just the overall lack of inspiration to even attend expensive dental school when we so badly need them.

My hope is to show kids that being an EntrepreneurDentist is more and you can earn like the ballers. I’m the guide that uniquely qualified to show them tue way. I firmly believe that God sent me this way for a reason and I’ve concluded that this s what he wants me to do. So some of my flash and showyness is just to impress kids. I want to introduce them to my concert of designing their own lifestyle and live like Lucrative Larry. Dentistry s a great place to launch your platform turn parlay that into bigger things using leverage.

More black and brown doctors is my answer to several crisis. But it will start with STEM classes encouraged early and supported with hopes of a better future for them and their communities. Then I can send them to be all they can be!

I’ll need to raise money for scholarships but now I’m retired rich I should be able to do that with your help. Thank you in advance for your generous donations, hah, ha!

I have a plan.

PS: other acronyms are

SAD- Sorry Ass Dentist (there’s a few in any bunch)

MAD – (Mediocre Average Dentist)

Don’t be BAD, SAD or MAD

Be a RAD Dad / Mommy 😁!

Stay tuned!

I’m retired so I can say these things. Don’t try this if you’re employed.

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