Fear of Losing can keep you from Winning!

It’s that basic fear that we all have when it comes to the “unknown”. And the unknown can be anything but because we don’t have experience to reflect back on we cannot know what to expect. It can be something very valuable for our growth and development as a business entrepreneur but we cannot make an informed decision because we aren’t really informed. That’s the reason most non business owners chose to work for a salary instead. But sometimes what we are so afraid of is so minuscule in comparison to what the gains should or may be that the risk reward ration is not proportional.

Of course another reason that most people decide to do what everyone else or the crowd is doing is because we as beings tend to wait till everyone else goes into the water till we feel its safe for us to do the same. But doing what everyone else is doing is going to get you the same kind of results that everyone else is getting. This is defined as being “Average” or Mediocre and I don’t ascribe to “Mediocrity”.

There is risk that is associated with anything but the more you know then the more you are prepared to make an informed decision. Being a leader is all about making decisions and in order to do that well you have to both educate yourself to the essential business principles needed to thrive as an Entrepreneur. Or we stand with those that stand on the sidelines commentating and wishing you were a player in the game.

I am ready to do some mentoring as a Player, guide and educator about the entrepreneurs game. It’s more fun than sports, gambling, etc… and you’re in control. There is no reason to not get Wealthy in America and we’ll show you how…

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