Marketing is EVERYTHING we do…Engineer the Experience

Most people think of marketing as a department where they work and the actions taken by that department. But marketing is a Mindset that should drive ALL our actions. Where we locate our business, who we intend to serve, how we want to serve them, how fast, how do we want to appear, what time we open, how we greet, how we seat, etc.

Everything we do has to be based on our marketing plan. Most new business comes from WOMR (Word of Mouth Referrals) which are now converting over to Reviews, Star ratings and other social media. People will give their unsolicited opinions whether you want it or not. It’s normally the ones that you don’t want posting reviews and spouting off their mouths online that are quick to go online and start writing.

You have to have a plan to not only counter bad reviews because then you’re in damage control. You need to have a plan based on your ideal marketing by everyone in the business that is focusing everyone on getting the patients to not only love you but to let the rest of the world know that they love you. You have to find ways to get them involved in your office, service, culture and your care that they will consciously go online to write great reviews and talk to their families and friends about the experience.

In the end it’s all about the experience. Engineer the experience and don’t allow anyone to steer your vessel to far from those ideals that you’re trying to engineer…

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