Dr. Jerry Lanier Entrepreneur Dentist Kids2Dentist

Dr. Jerry Lanier, The Entrepreneur Dentist, stands out as a prominent figure in dentistry, acclaimed not only for his expertise in pediatric dental care but also for his entrepreneurial prowess. As the founder of Kids2Dentist, he has made significant strides in transforming pediatric dental services by creating an inviting and child-centric environment.


Beyond his clinical achievements, Dr. Lanier is a respected public speaker and dental business consultant, sharing his deep knowledge and experiences with a wider audience. His engagement in these roles is marked by a commitment to mentorship and education, guiding dentists through informative video series on YouTube and other platforms. 


His advice often highlights the crucial role of personal development and business skills in achieving professional success in dentistry.


With his visionary approach, Dr. Lanier continues to influence the dental sector, inspiring dentists to integrate clinical excellence with strong business and personal growth strategies.

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